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 Alliance Piracy Policy

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PostSubject: Alliance Piracy Policy   Alliance Piracy Policy EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 5:33 am

-RP- Piracy Policy


An attack on you or your alliance is not a declaration of war. If we intend to start war, we will have tried diplomatic communication and put a declaration of war on the diplomacy boards.

-RP- has members that enjoy the challenge of military combat against another player. With that said, pillaging is part of the game and we do not deny our members the right to do so.


The only exclusions on targets are actives in the alliances we have official peace treaties, MDP's, and NAP's with. We consider inactives fair game.

Further Details

If one of our members does attack an active player, the victim is free to deal with the involved -RP- member without fear of involvement from the rest of -RP-, as long as it stays within the parameters listed below. This includes making a deal with the player to no longer attack an alliance, demanding reparations, blockading their ports and a retaliatory strike against their towns. If gone outside the parameters below, -RP- reserves the right to defend our member.

This means that our players are free to pillage actives and other alliances, but they accept full responsibility for their actions. If a victim decides to retaliate, the -RP- aggressor must bear the consequences with no help from -RP-, provided they stay within the parameters of retaliation.

On Retaliation

-RP- will get involved if we feel that an alliance is fabricating piracy to attack our members. We may also immediately come to the defense of our member's towns if the following are not followed:

- Retaliation must occur within 2 weeks from the initial attack. After that, it is assumed that it is in the past.
- Once retaliating attacks begin, the revenge should be taken within 3 days. Anything longer than that will be considered a separate hostile incident.
- The number of retaliatory attacks should be reasonable. If you were only pillaged once, 20 retaliations is a no-no.
- Must be able to share combat reports and other evidence when asked.
- Must promptly respond to messages from our officers requesting information.

Further Notes

Please contact the diplomat describing your history with the aggressor once you have started your retaliation. This has to be done in a timely fashion. It will keep the events from escalating to a war based on miscommunication.

You may also contact our diplomat to request permission for more players and alliances to help you retaliate, but the decision is ultimately up to our diplomat to decide what is fair. Unless permission is given, the retaliation will have to remain 1v1 (or equal strength authorized by our diplomat) if the rest of -RP- is to stay uninvolved.

Donations and leeching

We expect every island inhabitant to donate to the island's resources on
a regular basis and in relation with other inhabitants. We despise
leechers and will destroy them. If you have a donation problem with a
-RP- member please contact the leadership. If you yourself do not
donate, we help you ;-)
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Alliance Piracy Policy
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